Old and frayed wires might cause you to take charge and revert to the do-it-yourself route, but this could cause complications down the road which could have been otherwise avoided if you only invested in the professional expertise of our electrical engineers. Do not risk yourself, your family or your business to safety hazards such as setting your house on fire because you only want to save a few cedis. G-sat Electrical Engineers, you will get the worth of your investment with our high-quality, code-compliant branch wiring designs.

If you attempt to look at all the color-coded wires of your branch circuit but have no clue on their function, that is when you can be certain you will need our professional electrical know-how. As such, you are better off hiring our electrical engineers to design your branch wiring rather than wasting your time scratching your heads trying to differentiate THHN from THWN.

Our expertise in wiring design not only lies with the material specification and the color disparity between the three wires — live wire, ground wire and neutral wire — but we also branch out to other technical aspects such as voltage rating and wire gauges.

In fact, your high-voltage appliances such as refrigerator, dryer and washing machine all have a dedicated circuit, amperage and wire gauge. This is completely varied from all your lighting and power circuits which would only need 15 to 20 amperage, and sized with 14 and 12-gauge wire, respectively.

Without accurate branch wiring design, you simply can't enjoy the benefits you get from your lighting fixtures, plugged-in devices and major appliances. Update your home's outdated wiring to our leading-edge branch wiring design so you can literally get out of the dark and make the most out of the comfortable indoor air quality from your ceiling-mounted fan, or your water heater in the bathroom when the temperature drops. See how we, G-sat Engineers, improve lives through our list of rewired buildings.

Electrical Engineering Services Today's buildings have more electrical components than ever. From low to high voltage building systems, normal and emergency power, we have your solution.

Fast Turnaround Times Our design process is flexible and agile, allowing us to have turnaround times faster than anyone else in the industry.

Accurate Electrical Capacity We determine how much electricity you can use in your space, so you can ensure proper sign-offs for your project.

Low Maintenance Cost Because we don't over-engineer any of our systems, you can be confident your electrical system isn't over-using energy, lowering the costs to maintain these systems overtime.

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